Frequent Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes. We initially built the tool for ourselves but decided to pay it forward and make it free to use for others as there are very little associated with doing so. We would like to thank our sponsors and patrons for supporting KPI Tracker. If you like the service we recommend you to become one too.

Who can I share my KPI's with?

Anyone. It could be your employees, investors, close business partners, etc. You can invite as many people to your organization as possible.

What kind of data can I add?

You can add monthly, yearly, periodically, or point-in-time data points. You decide KPIs you want to keep track of, being it anything from last month's revenue or how much money has been accumulated in the office's swear jar.


''How is it going?'' Quickly provide instant access to your businesses performance indicators

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4 Easy Steps to Get Started

  • Create a free account
  • Select the KPIs you want to track
  • Input data points
  • Share data with relevant parties

Get started

KPI Tracker is safe, simple, and free to use. You can create as many KPI's as you require and invite as many participants as you wish.

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KPI Tracker is made free to use with the support of our sponsors.

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KPI Tracker is a free tool to track and share your organisations Key Performance Indicators.

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